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We provide comprehensive drainage solutions to protect your home or business from water damage and maintain a healthy landscape.
  • Drainage Contractors for Daybreaker Landscapes in McHenry County, Illinois
  • Drainage Contractors for Daybreaker Landscapes in McHenry County, Illinois
  • Drainage Contractors for Daybreaker Landscapes in McHenry County, Illinois
  • Drainage Contractors for Daybreaker Landscapes in McHenry County, Illinois
  • Drainage Contractors for Daybreaker Landscapes in McHenry County, Illinois

If you are looking for a reliable and professional drainage contractor, you have come to the right place! At Daybreaker Landscapes we can handle any size drainage project and can create a custom drainage solution based on your property’s individual needs. We also possess the unique ability in-house to design a full 3D model of your drainage project in CAD utilizing our specialized survey equipment. For larger or more complex projects we can complete a topography of your property and identify trouble areas. We will then design a system that will be the most effective solution based on existing site conditions. With Daybreaker Landscapes you can rest assured that any system we install will be the most effective solution for your property!


Water is an essential element for nearly everything, but excess water on your property can lead to a host of major problems. It can kill your grass, plants, and trees. It can lead to premature failure of wood structures such as decks and fences. In worst case scenarios it can cause foundation issues and flooding in basements leading to thousands of dollars of damage that is often not covered by insurance. The solution is to ensure that water flows away from your home or building. Daybreaker Landscapes has a wide variety of solutions such as catch basins, French drains, retaining walls, grading among many others to solve your drainage issues.

McHenry county, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and surrounding areas where Daybreaker Landscapes primarily services has soil that is mostly clay, which can also lead to drainage challenges. Clay, given its dense nature, drains very poorly which means surface water will take a long time to dissipate. Low lying areas can hold water for extended periods of time, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and can also harm surrounding plants and trees. Capturing this water and routing to ditches, storm sewers, or dry wells can help to eliminate these issues and ensure a healthy property.

Daybreaker Landscapes can create a solution that is tailored to your individual property’s needs.


There are many factors that can lead to drainage issues on your property. Many of these are often overlooked by property owners until they begin to cause damage. At Daybreaker Landscapes we can provide a customized solution for any drainage problem.

• Improper grading of your lawn or excessive landscaping
• Clogged or improperly installed gutters
• Clay or compacted soil
• Water runoff from neighboring properties
• Being situated at the low point of an area or neighborhood
• Improper gutter downspout exit points (at corners near property’s foundation)


Properties can change over time due to changes in the landscape. Grass clippings or natural decomposition of organic materials such as leaves and mulch can change elevations, creating uneven surfaces around properties. These changes can lead to drainage issues. It is also possible that a property was improperly graded from the beginning. Landscaping changes can also inadvertently create drainage issues, such as a landscape bed in a natural swale or drainage channel.

Solving a grading issue can be as simple as some top dressing with soil to as advanced as stripping an entire property, regrading it for proper slope and drainage and re-installing new turf. At Daybreaker Landscapes we can handle any size grading project, from a smaller residential to larger commercial and industrial projects. We can survey your property using our sophisticated survey equipment and re-grade your property utilizing using specialized equipment to ensure long-term lasting solutions! We can also help with grading solutions prior to construction of a new home or building, or your existing property.


The routing of downspouts is the most often overlooked item for any home or property. Water that exits from down spouts is one of the leading causes of drainage issues, foundation failures, and basement flooding. Water exiting from downspouts during a rain event, when improperly routed, will exit near home or property’s foundation where it will quickly accumulate. In fact, during a heavy rainfall event gutters on an average home can flow as much as 30 gallons per minute or more! This volume of water will quickly begin to leach into the ground and flow on the surface. It will also run along your home or property’s foundation where it will ultimately find it ways into your sump pit where your sump pump will pump it outside of your property.

Over time excessive water along your foundation can cause cracks or failures, leading to costly repairs. Also, in the unfortunate circumstance of a sump pump failure, you can end up with a flooded basement. Sump pumps can fail for a variety of reasons, such as a loss of power, internal failure of the pump, or being overworked due to excessive water present. This type of flooding (unless you have a specific addition for it on your insurance) is often not covered. Water damage is notoriously difficult to rectify, especially in finished areas, or if it is allowed to sit for any extended period or time.

The best option is to capture this water before it can potentially lead to any of these issues and before it reaches your sump pit. At Daybreaker Landscapes we have a variety of effective solutions for capturing this water at the surface and immediately after it exits your downspouts and routing it away from your home or property. When combined with a French drain around the entire exterior of your property, you can help ensure that water from rain, snow melt, or even a leaking faucet or sprinkler is routed away from your property preventing these issues.

Contact the drainage experts at Daybreaker Landscapes for a customized solution!


Existing soil conditions can be a source of drainage issues. Soil that is highly compacted, or high in clay content, will drain poorly. If graded properly it will mean that a majority of surface water will quickly run along the surface, but if it is lower than surrounding areas, water will accumulate and will not drain into the ground quickly. At Daybreaker Landscapes we can solve these issues with underground drainage options such as dry wells (temporary holding areas for excessive water that allow for time to leach into the ground), holding tanks, and French drains. We can provide customized solutions that include detailed soil analysis to determine drainage characteristics and approximate holding tank requirements in situations where off-site drainage is not possible.


Water from a neighboring property that is uphill of yours can be another source of drainage issues. This may be due to a property changes that a neighbor made that now results in additional water runoff to your property. It may also be simply the result of the natural grade of the area in which your property is located. Either way, Daybreaker Landscapes has several solutions to capture this water before it can reach your property. Most often this is accomplished with an underground system, such as French drain, and can incorporate storage tanks in situations where extra capacity is needed.

No matter the drainage issue you are experiencing, Daybreaker Landscapes can provide a solution, contact us today so one of our drainage experts can help solve your drainage problem!


At Daybreaker Landscapes we offer a variety of solutions to solve your drainage issues, here are several options we offer.

• French drains
• Gutter downspout routing and burial
• Catch basins
• Channel drains
• Dry wells or holding tanks
• Surface drainage
• Custom CAD work, site topographies, and full survey solutions


French drains have existed in many forms over the last several centuries. In essence they are buried trenches used to carry water from one location to another. Most modern French drains usually include a 4” or 6” solid or corrugated pipe to aid in the proper flow of water. They are also usually surrounded by a clean stone to prevent erosion and filter water before entering the pipe at the bottom of the drain.

At Daybreaker Landscapes our French drain systems are constructed to ensure long-term effectiveness. Our systems are completed sealed to prevent any foreign debris from entering the system as over time this can lead to clogs and a failure of the system. We also use a specially engineered drainage pipe that is designed exclusively for French drains. This pipe has flow and crush ratings that far exceed what can be purchased by traditional contractors or homeowners. This ensures our systems have the maximum effectiveness and can be a “once and done” installation.


Burying your downspouts and routing this water away from your property is one of the best and most effective things you can do to protect your property from water damage. Downspout burials usually include a catch basin installed underneath the downspout the allow water to flow freely into the catch basin, but filter out any leaves or debris that may find their way into the gutters. In a climate that experiences freezing temperatures they should also include an “air gap” to prevent gutters from freezing in the winter. At Daybreaker Landscapes our systems always employ they best practices to ensure a long-term effective drainage system.

Catch basins are simply structures that are buried to capture either surface water or water exiting from gutters or other pipes. They are usually connected to a drain pipe that routes this water to a desired exit point or holding tank.


Channel drains are installed usually in driveways or around pools and sidewalks. They are offered in a variety of different options and rated from everything from pedestrian traffic up to larger commercial vehicle traffic. Channel drains will capture water as it runs down a driveway or other hard surface, usually before a garage or overhead door. This water is then routed to an attached drainage pipe.

We can incorporate these into existing driveways, pools, patios, or sidewalks, or as part of a new patio or driveway replacement combined with one of our hardscape services.


Dry wells and holding tanks are large receptables or stone filled cavities that installed underground to provide a temporary storage location for excess ground or stormwater. These systems hold this water underground, rather than pooling or flooding on the surface, and allow time for the water to leach into the ground. They are useful in circumstances where water tends to accumulate, such as lower areas, or areas with poorly draining soil conditions. They can be used a temporary locations for water from downspouts or sump pumps when there is no available location to drain water off site. Solid tanks can also be incorporated for repurposing, such as watering lawns and plants.

At Daybreaker Landscapes we can provide customized engineered solutions based on the approximate quantity of water on your property.


Surface drainage is accomplished with grading and natural features such as swales and dry creek beds. Dry creek beds are installed in lower areas with drainage stone in areas that typically experience high volumes of water. The stone controls erosion and provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to a landscape in between rain events. Swales are simply natural drainage “gutters” usually build with soil and covered with grass. They are designed to blend in naturally with existing lawns and landscapes.


At Daybreaker Landscapes we can utilize our in-house survey solutions to design and build your drainage system. We employ full 3D CAD, total station robotics, and GPS solutions to complete full topographies of your property. These systems allow us to create a 3D map of your existing site conditions and grades and engineer a system that will be the most effective for your property. These systems are most effective on larger-scale projects and those requiring multiple drainage solutions.

Contact us today so our drainage experts can help solve your drainage problems before they become a drainage catastrophe!

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    Justin and his crew did a great job with our patio. Great price and very professional!

    D Gaines McHenry County, Illinois
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    I would highly recommend Daybreaker Landscapes. Daybreaker removed our old driveway, regraded for slope, expanded for more parking, laid asphault and installed retaining walls. Daybreaker always showed up on time. Did very good quality work for the money we paid. Worked with us with the budget we had. Followed up extensively to all the questions and changes we had. Jeff and his team were very easy to work with. They cleaned up the work space at the end of the day. His crew was pleasant, friendly, and did their job, and were quiet. We would gladly have Daybreaker back.

    Jeff Brown McHenry County, Illinois
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    Jeff and his team are great! Very professional, knowledgeable and skilled. Consistent quality every week at an affordable price. I highly recommend them!

    Zach Bernardoni McHenry County, Illinois

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